Are you gaining weight or you are just bloating?

Weight gain is one of the biggest concerns of our time. No wonder why the net goes viral with diet tips and exercising guides. However, in some cases no matter how hard we try we can’t reach the desired effect.
Well before you rush to convince yourself that it’s all pointless, ensure that you are actually dealing with weight gain and you’re not bloating. Yes, belly bloating can be the reason why you are unsatisfied with your shape.
To find out whether you are bloating or you are actually gaining weight, you should consider the following:

Have You Changed any of your Habits?

Surprisingly our body reacts to the smallest changes in our lives. Whether you have changed your sleeping habits or eating regime one thing is sure, your body will somehow react to that. Another main factor that may affect your body is stress. So consider these factors before you start planning a weight loss program.

Morning vs. Rest of the Day

It is commonly assumed that in the morning your stomach is empty. That’s the real time to ‘’examine’’ your body. If you wake up in the morning and notice that your stomach/belly looks smaller and flatter than during the entire day, then you probably have some digestive problems. If so, it’s better to talk to a nutritionist or another professional in the field.

The ‘’Feeling’’ after Each Meal

Usually bloating happens after meals. You have to pay extra attention to your body in order to understand whether you are bloating or gaining extra weight. If you feel a discomfort after eating and it goes away after couple of hours then most likely you are bloated.

Consuming Carbohydrates and Salt

Both can lead to water retention. In fact carbohydrates can also make you gain weight. So it is very important to put some limits on the consumption of products with high levels of carbohydrates. Also no less important is to cut down on salt.
Last but not the least, there are other things that may also cause bloating. Among these can be PMS, hormonal changes and gas retention.
Now, if there are still some things referring to this topic that you want to discuss, feel free to ask us!