Celebrity weight loss programs usually seem too hard and even inaccessible for most of us. Let’s be honest,we’d rather believe that they were born this way than accept that they succeed a weight loss program. Well, cheers to lovely Melissa McCarthy who totally changed our perception of celebrity wellness. The beloved celeb managed

      It should be noted that the famous fashion icon Melissa McCarthy has been dealing with extra weight for a long time (we love you the way you are Melissa!) and it seems that she decided to go for dramatic changes. As the beloved actress, comedian & fashion designer claimed although she wanted to lose some weight for her new role at Ghostbusters, the main reason was health related. So, what’s her secret anyway?

      The star has lost about 45 pounds by following a high protein and low-carb diet. In fact Melissa McCarthy adds that all her effort would make no sense if she didn’t stick to Garcinia Cambogia pills, the ‘’magical pills’’ as the actress mentions.«When your life revolves around being on camera and on the stage, you always have to look good for the fans and for yourself. I saw a HUGE difference in less than a week», she adds. Of course Melissa also admits that exercising plays an important role when it comes to healthy lifestyle. However she claims that exercising has been a part of her daily routine for quite a long time: “I’ve always liked to jog every few days, but I didn’t change my routine. The only thing I did was taking these pills, they’re a natural weight loss supplement called Garcinia Cambogia. They’re totally safe.”

As nutritionists claim, most of diets usually fail because they come up with high restrictions which is why Garcinia Cambogia pills should be considered. The thing is that these ‘’magic pills’’ as Melissa calls them, help to control your appetite while improving your body’s metabolism. Another great thing about Garcinia Cambogia pills is that containing 100% natural ingredients exclude the possibility of concerning side effects. Well, no wonder why Garcinia Cambogia pills are so popular among Hollywood celebrities. Coming up with guaranteed effects and the absence of any kind of health risks, these diet pills seem to be the new solution for a successful weight loss program. So why not give it a try?