Well, before you rush to plan a strict diet, read below about the main factors affecting the timeline.

1.Your Current Weight

Obviously, some people appear to be more overweight while other are dealing with some extra chubs. The thing is that the more weight you are planning to lose, the more time it will require to see the changes.
In any case consider that to expect any improvements you need to take the supplement as often as required. Cheating in between will directly affect the results.

2.Intake Dosage

According to experts, the right timing to take GarciniaCambogia is one pill 30-60 minutes before each meal. Depending on your purchase you should either take 2 or 3 pills per day.
• Before you start you Garcinia plan, read carefully the instructions on the bottle.
• Always take the Garcinia pills with a glass of water as water will make the pill to absorb faster.
• Keep a diet diary, write down the date you started, the very first changes that you started to notice (for example loss of appetite, which is the first thing everyone notices) to keep on track and have a progress record.

3.Don’t Rush to Make Conclusions

It is normal behavior to search for ratings, reviews before confirming an online purchase. However one of the main risks of searching through reviews and weight loss stories is that we forget that weight-loss pills work different on each of us. Our bodies are different. So changes may start happening very quickly for some, while may take longer for others.
Note that your metabolism will also influence the time that Garcinia will require to work. The faster your metabolism the easier will be to achieve the desired effects. This is the main reason why some people see drastic changes after short time of using Garcinia supplement while in some cases it is necessary to increase dosage.
• When to Expect Actual Results Anyways?
Although there are many factors directly affecting the time Garcinia requires to work, there are many scientific studies that allow to figure out how long need to wait to reach the desired effects. And let’s admit that when it comes to seeking for evidence we all like seeing numbers instead of long descriptions. Considering that we did a small research to help you understand what to expect from Garcinia Extract.
Thus, according to a research study made in 2012 GarciniaCambogia intake can lead to losing 6.8 pounds in two weeks. On the other hand, other experts of the field claim that it requires at least two months to lose from 6-8 pounds and see actual changes.
A small research done on the net led us to the conclusion that if keep taking Garcinia pills regularly for two months and more than can lose more than 13 pounds.
• Is it Possible that GarciniaCambogia Won’t Work?
If you happen to follow a low-carb diet, then Garcinia Extractmight require more time to benefit but there is no risk for it to not work at all. This is explained due to the fact that HCA stops creation of fatty cells from carbohydrates. Meaning that if you carbohydrates intake is less, the time-frame of your diet could be expanded.
If you want to lose a lot of weight in a shorter amount of time then it is strongly recommended to combine GarciniaCambogia intake with a healthy eating diet plan and an intense exercising program.
In any case the bottom line is that although you will start feeling the difference from the very first week of Garcinia intake, to see actual effects it requires to regularly take the pills for at least 2 months.