Garcinia Myths

#1: HCA was discovered by Dr.Oz

Although this product is always being associated with Dr. Oz, it wasn’t him that discovered this supplement. In reality the HCA was being studied by scientists due to its weight-loss effects since 1998. Meaning, Garcinia is not new but it wasn’t as popular as it became after being introduced to the public by Dr.Oz.

#2: GarciniaCambogia Effects have been Scientfically confirmed

This is partly true. The thing is that scientific opinions on this topic are extremely controversial. An experiment made on rats proved that GarciniaCambogialeads to appetite loss aiding in drastic weight loss. However another study/experiment with humans showed that Garcinia only has placebo effects and does not have any special effect on weight loss. Well, then what about all the success stories, are these really all PLACEBO effects?

#3Doesn’t Work AT ALL

Many peopleconsider garciniacambogia a regular diet fad that doesn’t have any powerful effect. This is untrue. The product works and many people have seen the real evidence. In fact many celebs claim that their weight-loss program would be a total failure. Holywood celebs who have used it lost pounds and body mass effectively and in an extremely short amount of time. To sum up, taking the correct dosage will actually eat less, fell a lot better and burn fat and calories. It’s the ultimate weight-loss remedy.

#4 HCA is NOT Healthy

While searching through the net you will find many warnings about the side effects and the dangers related with Garcinia extract. This might be confusing especially for those of you who just heard about the HCA’s weight-loss effects. Although Garcinia pills may come up with some side effects (nausea, headache), being an ALL-NATURAL based supplement, Garcinia is the SAFEST DIET pill on the market. Moreover, many people who have been using HCA have reported no side effects. In fact HCA is not recommended only during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. In reality, Garcinia pills not only won’t harm your health but will actually improve it. Your body will respond in positive wayif you combine your diet with garcinia. It will stabilize your blood sugar, which is helpful in fighting off risks diabetes. Also will make you feel more energetic, which will help you stay physically active and burn excess calories that your body doesn’t need.

#5 It’s Not Affordable

NOT TRUE- GarciniaCambogia is the most affordable diet supplement on the market. Unlike other weight-loss supplements that will cost you A LOT, this diet remedy is something that you can go for even with a small budget. Another great thing about HCA is that due to the fact that it helps to achieve drastic effects in a short amount of time, there is no need to stick with it for longer than a few months.

The Truth about Garcinia

GarciniaCambogia is EFFECTIVE & AFFORDABLE.

How to Use Garcinia Pills?

First of all you need to purchase an option that is at a minimum 50 % HCA and is not composed wholly of calcium salts. Another thing that you need to make sure is that the ingredients contain potassium (K) and/or magnesium (Mg). Moreover, if the product has a low dose of lactone, that would be even better. Secondly, be sure to take normal dose. According to nutritionists and experts of the field, the normal dose of extract is near 1.5 g and should be taken three times per day before meals. In 60% HCA preparation, that would make about 0.9 g of HCA before to each meal. Therefore, to achieve the desired effects and see the results in an insanely short amount of time take the preparation on an empty stomach and about 30-60 minutes before each meal. Want to double the effects of Garcinia? Combine your diet regime with an intensive workout regime!