The Roots of GarciniaCambogia

Garcinia is a tropical tree that is growing in Asia, Australia, Polynesia and a part of Africa. The fruit has been recognized due to its beauty and health effects for decades in those regions being included in a million of traditional beauty recipes. The very popular GarciniaCambogia is one of the tropical species of Garcinia, scientifically known asGarcniniagummi-gutta.

Garcinia Extract in Science

Due to its growing popularity Garcinia extract has also become an object of scientific studies worldwide. Many experiments have been done on animals and the demonstrated results were very promising. According to experts the extract ofHCA aids in fat loss. Mice that were taking the substance by the time lost appetite and produced less fat from sugar. These promising results forced professionals to continue studies and taking a step forward by testing the HCA on humans. Surprisingly the results for humans were more contradictory. This raised the question whether GarciniaCambogia has a placebo effect like many other supplements. On the other hand, there were marked many success stories proving that Garcinia weight loss effects are incomparably with placebo pills. Those who consumed HCA periodically ended with a record of weight loss and healthy levels of fat in blood. Despite the contradictory opinions of experts it has been statistically proven that the higher are the doses of HCA the better were the weight loss effects.

How it helps to Lose Weight?

You might have heard all kind of success stories proving the miraculous effects of HCA. However before you rush to add it to your diet routine check to see how exactly Garcinia extract works.

Reduces Hunger

Consuming Garcinia leads to loss of appetite.

Helps to Control Emotional Eating

According to scientists this product increases levels of serotin in brain helping to control emotional eating. *Emotional eating is a syndrome of eating for happiness rather than eating to satisfy physical hunger.

Reduces Stress

HCA reduces stress hormones like cortisol- one of the major triggers of increased body fat.

Makes feel full for longer

Due to its ability to increase level of Serotin,Garcinia extract keeps the feeling of being full for a longer amount of time.

Aids to Block Fat Production

Studies have shown that HCAblocks a portion of an enzyme (citrate lyase) which turns sugars fat.By blocking that enzyme it also helps carbohydrates to easily get diverted into energy production. This fact is one of the main reasons why it is being used especially for losing belly fat. Moreover it also has health effects due to its ability to lower cholesterol levels in body. (Reference:

Increases Metabolism

There is some evidence Garciniacambogia can affect fat metabolism. Some studies have found that humans experience high rates of metabolism after supplementing with Garcinia extract.

Other Benefits of GarciniaCambogia

According to nutritionists GarciniaCambogia also has anti-diabetic effects, as the latter has the ability to: Decreasing insulin and leptin levels in blood Reducing Inflammation Improving Blood control GarciniaCambogia extract also aids in improving digestive system. Hence, it can also be the right supplement for those who feel bloated after meals. Although these health benefits need some further studies there are many success stories proving them right.

Side Effects of Garcinia

GarciniaGambogia pills are made of 100% natural ingredients however they might cause some effects to be aware of: Dry mouth What to do: drink lots of water. Headache What to do: Headaches usually occur only in the first days of the new routine and the reason is the lowered amount of food provided to the body. Therefore, the best to do is patiently wait until the body will get used to the new eating regime. lack of sleep What to do: Usually appears only if diet isn’t combined with a good workout routine. The thing is that due to Garcinia pills your body accumulates too much energy which needs to be spent in order to be able to sleep well.

Who shouldn’t take GarciniaCambogia

Garcinia pills are 100% natural therefore there are no health risks. However this supplement is restricted in cases of: Alzheimers/Parkinsons or dementia Pregnancy Breastfeeding

Daily Dosage

It is strongly recommended to take 1 pill from 30-60 minutes before meal two times a day. Standard dosage:500-1500 mg of 50% HCA per day. Strongly recommended for beginners: 2 pills of 1000 mg Garcinia per day. After 3 months of taking Garcinia pills take a break for two weeks and then continue the already established routine.


GarciniaGambogia extract can aid in weight loss while improving your body’s health. If combined with a high intensivity training it can lead to desired effects in a shorter amount of time. The effects of Garcinia Pills can be seen after a month of following the required routine.