So, forget about the extra chubs and throw away your fatty pants because here are some reasons why you should plan your diet routine NOW.

Better Quality of Sleep

According to a research done recently, people who lost about 5% of their weight claimed to sleep better than those who lost less weight. In fact, some of them claimed to have improvement in their mood as well.

Good Mood

A good mood is mainly related to intensive exercising and healthy eating. By working out you release endorphins from your body which are the source of a good post-workout feel. Moreover, studies have shown that workout helps to release bad energy, reduce the feeling of pain.

Better Skin

Following a well-planned diet routine means eating lots of fruits and vegetables providing the needed amounts of vitamins to your body. It is not a novelty that eating habits directly affect skin habits, therefore by eating healthy you will ensure you’ll have a healthy, glowing skin. Aside from that intensive workout leads to the higher amount of water intake which is a must for a good skin.

Strong Immune System

Nothing strengthens immune system better than the right lifestyle. Meaning that getting at least eight hours of sleep, eating fresh products with vitamins and protein while strengthening your muscles through intense workout programs will improve your immune system and make you forget about catching any flu.

Better Organized Lifestyle

It is not a secret that diet & weight loss programs need good planning and high self-organization. When you plan your meals, daily workouts by the time you tend to feel that you have your life under control.

High Confidence

There is no better feeling than finally fitting in the pair of jeans that you dreamed to show off since ever. Getting rid of extra weight means getting rid of all kind of complexes that didn’t let you express yourself the way you wanted to. Having the dream body will prove you and everybody around you that there are no goals that you cannot achieve in your life. Moreover, weight loss will give you enough confidence to experiment with different styles and go edgy stealing attention no matter where you are.

More Friends

Usually, fit people are more energetic and active meaning that they are more fun to be around. Let science speak here- A study focusing on the behavior of the children proved that those who played outdoors were more active, sociable and popular compared to children that stayed indoors.

Good Hormonal Balance

Well most of us when thinking of hormones our teenage years come to our mind. However, they play a role in more than just improving sex drive during these years. Your thyroid gland forms and releases two very important hormones which regulate metabolism and can also affect muscle strength among other effects. When you rid your body of extra fat your hormones steady and as a result, it gets easier for you to maintain or even lose more weight.

Boosted Sex Drive

Feeling too tired all the time? Those days are left in the past. Forget about tiredness as you don’t have to think twice about getting in the mood, and you may find yourself consciously holding yourself back from another wild night. Seriously, you’ve got to get some sleep. According to experts in the field weight loss can boost testosterone levels and increase libido. So, dropping about 10lbs is more than enough to stimulate sex hormones. What is more needed to live a full life and enjoy every little moment to its fullest?

Reference: sciencedaily