What you need to add to your daily menu to boost up your metabolism.

Low metabolism can be one of the main reasons why you’re easily getting weight. Luckily there are certain foods that can help you increase metabolic rate.

Let’s admit that we all wish we were just like those people who can eat whatever they crave without worrying about extra weight. Well, the thing is that those people were lucky enough to have high metabolism. However before you rush blaming your genetics, have a look at our list of the best metabolism boosting foods and beverages!

•   Green Tea

Green tea has proven its efficiency. Aside of the fact that green tea can boost up your metabolism it is also a great natural remedy that keeps blood sugar stable while lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

•    Eggs

Yes, don’t be surprised! Eggs not only are the greatest source of protein but also they are considered as amazing metabolic boosters. Especially egg whites are the best choice when it comes to eating metabolism increasing foods.

•    Spinach

Rich in magnesium, iron, vitamin C and potassium, spinach is one of the best options when it comes to healthy eating. Remember Popeye? He used to eat spinach all the time to have his muscles in fit. Well, the directors seem to be very reasonable.

•   Broccoli

There are two kinds of people, those who hate broccoli and those who love this magical ingredient. Well, love it or hate it broccoli is a low-calorie vegetable which helps your body burn fat.

•   Greek Yogurt

Craving some snacks? Greek yogurt is what you need! Greek yogurt contains as much protein as your body needs to function normally. If you happen to crave some sweets you might even consider adding some fruits, yummy!

•   Fish

Another great source of protein and a very effective metabolic booster. Adding fish to your menu will make you see your workout results in a shorter amount of time than you expect to.

•   Water

A simple remedy that we all sometimes forget about. Note that dehydration can actually slow down your metabolism. Moreover, sometimes that distracting feeling of hunger is actually a sign of dehydration. So drinks lots of waters.

•   Black Coffee

Good news! If others can’t imagine their lives without coffee then you don’t even have to either! Start your day with a cup of caffeinated black coffee and ensure a high metabolic rate. For better results, avoid adding sugar.

•   Lentils

On the top lists of the healthiest foods, lentils, are also considered a great meal to add in a metabolism boosting menu.

•   Oatmeal

A great breakfast with lots of benefits. However to get the most out of this ingredient you have to be particular. The thing is that if you are eating instant packed oatmeal, high in sodium and sugars you won’t see any results. To achieve the desired effects opt for plain rolled or steel-cut oats.

Found your favorite food on the list? Which one is it?